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Israel must go on the offensive

By Lucien SA Oulahbib

At the moment where Arab nationalism is dead, it is dying, shredded, by the claws of its twin brother, the fifty shades of Islam, (Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea, expansionist policy of China) and also in South America (Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico ...) of what? To have built a democracy certainly imperfect more like any democracy thus infinitely perfectible? … 

All campaigns of denigration, such as the iniquitous boycott of all Israeli products in reality, must not only condemn it, but must also become a force for proposals by setting up a whole world A series of projects ranging from the organization of world debates on the real history of the birth of Israel (hidden, for example, in school books, which fuels animosity, for example, in France in the United States in the UK) Construction of various bridges between peoples as the idea of a global harmonization of social and cultural economic developments through a reform of the World Bank of the WTO and of UNESCO which would constitute a global financing mode Real development of All countries currently in difficulty, a development which Israel is already accomplishing in practice, but in a way that is far too discreet. 

It would be incredible, for example, to mobilize Feelings and not only by coercion, GAFA and all the world 's foundations to gather sufficient financial and technological resources capable of meeting such a multifaceted challenge that of World Peace. It would be for Israel to put forward the " The idea that the image of all the world economic powers is increasingly at stake in the eyes of the people who always have in mind how Israel has been in the desert and despite the hostility grow tomatoes and other citrus fruits.Israel Must be at the head of such a global process, since the United Nations is no more than the shadow of itself, the European Union is paralyzed, France is increasingly torn by its factions, As well as the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Hungary and China. Israel may be small, but has not founded this idea of universality, already with the single god, then with the idea of Law that founds the state as the bodies and weapons of the peoples? 

 Has not Israel been at the initiative of resetting history showing to the face of the world that a people believes in it never dies? ... The best way to fight the boycott campaign against him and undermine at the same time the democratic societies but also to counter the Iranian threat and to counter the Wahhabi efforts is to prohibit any possibility of peace for the brave. The offensive, a multifaceted offensive policy, economic social and cultural policy, all at the global and local level (inviting the most hostile parties to debate) until why not have as ideal to remake of the Near East a haven Of peace, Paradise found, to make the Temple Mount a garden for all the children of the world … 


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